Spiritual Mastery is the foundation for good mental health, positive relationships, abundance, meaningful service and activating your genius

Is This You?

  1. 1) I Believe there is a Higher Power in the Universe. Can be called God, Christ, Oneness – or any “Higher Intelligence/Power/Love” – any path or religion with a spiritual dimension.

  2. 2) I Yearn to be clear about my personal calling and how to effectively act on it. I have been on a life long search – for ways to engage/serve – that are deep – meaningful. I have a deep knowing that I am here for a purpose that is my personal calling – the reason that I am on planet earth now.

  3. 3) I Know that I am gifted – talented – and know that I need to focus my attention, gifts and resources on my calling. This urge is very strong.

  4. 4) I want to work on my “my daily spiritual practice blueprint” and continuously update it.

  5. 5) I am able to delete old habits and build new habits best when I am accountable to someone or some group. Accountability helps me follow my daily spiritual practise blueprint. (doing what I know I should be doing).

  6. 6) It’s important for me to have a community of like minded people for support, synergy, and inspiration.

  7. 7) I want/need the right balance between material consciousness and spiritual consciousness. This is always a work in progress. My contemplations, study and community help me keep improving this balance.

  8. 8) I want to get to a place/space where God is working through me always/continuously – and have a conscious awareness of this dynamic in real time. I know that my work has an eternal impact when God works through me.

  9. 9) I believe that all the resources and opportunities I need to accomplish all of the above are available now. Now is the time to take my next step and move forward. I have a strong inner feeling and need to do this – and the world urgently needs what I have to offer – Now.

  10. 10) As I live my calling my life is full of joy, peace, light, love, awe, wonder, praise and abundance. My service is a wonderful blessing and gift to humanity and the planet. I give thanks continuously.

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