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Our History

Our clinics, counseling, courses, and sonic treatments have helped thousands of clients regain and maintain excellent physical, mental & emotional health for over 30 years. In addition, we have trained and helped hundreds of health practitioners improve their effectiveness and service.

Spiritual growth and development are core elements of our work and are integrated into all programs and services.

What’s More Important for Your Good Health, Wellbeing and High Performance?

Healthy Diet




Stress Mastery

Stress Mastery

Sleep Mastery

Sleep Mastery

Spiritual Mastery

They are all important! But these three are the essential building blocks required for good health, peace of mind, and high performance. And they are most frequently ignored. However, we need to master the three aspects, Stress Mastery (Ending Fear & Anxiety); Sleep Mastery (Getting Better Sleep Every Night), and Spiritual Mastery (Essential Foundation for Joy, Peace, Health, Abundance, and Success). We Have The Tools, Training, and Support to Help You Proactively Improve These Areas!

Breakthrough to End Fear & Anxiety (Master Stress), Get Better Sleep Every Night Without Pills or Medications and Spiritual Mastery

Better Natural Sleep Treatment


Imagine that you have just hired one of the world's best stress mastery specialists -- available to you 24/7 for the rest of your life.

This is what you are getting in the sonic wave therapy treatment for Mastering Stress and Anxiety - at home, at work, anyplace, anytime. It’ll help you keep your cool, manage your emotions, and remain relaxed throughout the day.

Above all, you will no longer feel overwhelmed and out of control. This treatment will make you understand how and when to use this for each situation. Sonic wave therapy treatment is a game-changer for your health and quality of life.



For many people, sleep is like a luxury they cannot afford. It can be difficult for those with chronic insomnia and/or restless leg syndrome (RLS) to find relief in any other area of their lives - including work or family obligations! 

But, fortunately, there are now new solutions that provide complete symptom management without the need for medications. One such solution is sonic wave therapy treatment. This treatment will help you no longer experience sleeplessness due to your disorders during waking hours.

Moreover, you'll be able to get a good night's sleep without worrying about not being refreshed in the morning. And, your immune system will thank you for it!

Spiritual Mastery


To achieve good mental health, one must first have a sound foundation of spiritual and intellectual well-being. When we are in tune with our calling on earth, it's easy for us to reach true joys that last forever. So, balancing the demands from both material consciousnesses (the world outside) and inner thoughts/feelings can be challenging within. Moreover in western culture, when there is so much noise 

around us trying to distract or absorb our focus away from what matters.

Prayer, meditation, and service are the three pillars of a life full of joy. So whether you want to improve or maintain your health, find meaning in what we do at work every day - it's all connected! Spiritual health care programs can help humanity move forward by serving them spiritually where they're needed most: their souls.

What People Say

(After sessions using the Sonic Pranic Program for Stress)  “When I was finished I felt transformed, although I can't say how exactly. I feel like I've connected with a part of myself that I had become separated from-and I feel whole again. It was a transformative experience, although I can't articulate how exactly. It's almost like not knowing you're unwell, and then being healed and upon being healed finally realizing just how bad it was and how lacking in awareness you were of how unwell you were. That's the closest description I can think of.” 

B.D. Edmonton, Alberta

I have been very stressed out and depressed lately.  Not sleeping well.  Overwhelmed, always tired and low energy.  I am now sleeping much better and now able to manage much better.  Stress levels are down and depression ok now.  Thank You  -- M.B.

The Goheens’ are amazing healers. I live in Ontario and they live in BC.  Over the phone and with distant treatments Marilee helped me a decade ago with Pranic Healing and coaching to recover from surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  I still practice many of her tools. At that time I also used Duncans’ Sonic Pranic treatment and their Spirit Awakens CD daily for a few months, after which I enjoyed good health with strenuous outdoor physical activity for over a decade.

Patricia, Toronto

I put the Sonic tracks 3,4,5 on a loop and played it over night. I have had 2 nights of completely uninterrupted sleep. Typically I wake many times a night and often wake at 4:00am and toss and turn until I get up feeling tired. I am feeling great after 2 nights of great sleep. I feel light. I am happy, have a very low stress/ concern/ worry level. My head feels clear and my ability to focus has already improved. I slept 8.5 hours each of the last 2 nights. I feel great! Thank You. -- K.B.  (using one of our proprietary tools)

 I got seriously ill about 3 months ago.  Haven't been able to get a good night's sleep since.  Now after two weeks in the program I'm sleeping soundly every night. Thanks a million.  -- DH

Get High Value Tips on
How to Master Stress Naturally