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We do one on one, group work, teaching and training in our clinic, online and in retreats. We have developed a unique combination of harmonic overtones and meditations for healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and soul. They can be used by anyone, any place, anytime on your phone or audio device. We have a wide variety of Spiritual Healing Sound treatments available for targeting specific health issues. These Sound treatments help cleanse, balance and energize very quickly. According to our former medical director Dr. Peter Nun M.D., the time needed to correct a health issue can be reduced from several months using conventional treatment methods (including herbs and diet) to several days by working directly on the subtle energy level. Many find these unique proven Sound Treatments to be an elegant, gentle, efficient way of healing and maintaining good health on all levels – naturally. These can be used for a lifetime using your phone or computer.  They are an integral part of our work.

We offer Interdimensional Therapy training for practitioners – therapists, energy healers, anyone in the healing, coaching and training professions. It gives practitioners tools, training and methods to rapidly accelerate their clients healing, learning and performance.

Our Sleeping Better Naturally experiential learning course includes the best of what the Sleep Sciences and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy have to offer along with a variety of effective tools and processes which we have evolved and used over the past 25 + years. We have a companion program to “Reduce Stress Naturally”. These programs include working on the subtle energy levels using sonic treatment, pranic treatment, intuitive assessment and guidance, as well as a variety of training and counselling techniques.. We work in two states, space/time and non space/time (or physical vacuum).

By working in both states we are able to help our clients solve many health issues that have resisted treatment based only on space/time solutions (most conventional approaches - drugs, psychotherapy, left brain, intellect centred etc). Our most effective work for mental and emotional health is done primarily in the second state.

Marilee & Dr. Duncan Goheen

Dr. Duncan Goheen

Dr. Goheen holds B.A., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Economics and Human Behaviour.

One of Duncan's early fond memories as a preschooler was his grandfather Sam pulling his fiddle case out from under a kitchen couch to play lively folk tunes. Young Duncans’ mother Lilyan taught in a one room 8 grade schoolhouse – her greatest love was encouraging and coaching students to sing, dance or act in concerts and public performances. It was in this environment Duncan began piano at age 6 and singing in public by age 9. When he went away to university he couldn't carry his piano - so he started playing guitar and mouth organ.

After completing years of study and field work Duncan taught college and then worked with First Nations leaders for several years. He then engaged in business for decades before experiencing unusual phenomenon with sound. While engaged in deep meditation and generating vocal scales he found to his surprise harmonic overtones that carried an energy, frequency and dimensional awareness that was beyond anything he had experienced or had even heard about.

This started a new chapter in his life. A few years after his life changing experience with vocal harmonics, Duncan was in the Philippines heading a Rotary Watershed Development program in 3 provinces as well as doing poverty alleviation for a charity he founded, providing health, education and agricultural programs. It was then he was exposed to several healing modalities that were "out of the box". Previously he worked with psychiatric outpatients during one of his graduate university field placements but was not impressed by the programs ability to help patients regain their mental health or inner peace. When he saw how Pranic Healing - under the guidance of its’ founder Grand Master Choa Kok Sui - successfully treated mental illness including schizophrenia (along with mental, emotional and physical health issues) he decided - along with his partner Marilee to study and learn the practice as a healer and a teacher then to bring it to Canada. This was in the early 1990's, Pranic Healing clinics are now across Canada. Dr. Goheen is a certified Pranic Healer.

While in the Philippines Grand Master Choa Kok Sui discovered Duncan's ability to generate harmonic overtones which produced profound balancing, healing and curative effects. Rather than encourage Duncan to study and learn Pranic Healing he urged Duncan to go home to Canada and record his Sonic overtones to heal those in need. Duncan then did both. The result was a synergistic effect, the Pranic Healing training increased the power, focus and effectiveness of his Sonic harmonic overtones and helped with the production of dozens of health issue specific Sonic programs. Duncan and his partner Marilee headed up a health clinic in Victoria the Kelowna BC for a number years.

As years passed the science behind the Sonic and Pranic work is beginning to evolve wherequantum theory and scientific tools are available to get a small glimpse into the realities underlying these practices. But as Dr. William Tiller observes - most of the dynamic involved is beyond the space time continuum and most science continues to operate within space time.

Now - with digital technology evolving the Sonic programs can be accessed by anyone with a device - phone - tablet – computer. Now it is possible to distribute these programs widely. 

At the present time Duncan feels a strong calling to focus on creating “Abundant Life” for humanity and the planet. You may choose to use other language but at the end of the day it’s helping every human realize their greatest and fullest potential as individuals and in community - for the benefit of all humanity and the planet.

The biggest gap now – from his perspective – is limited awareness of our true nature. And our true nature – our core essence is spiritual. This understanding – this philosophy - this way of life – has been crowded out and displaced by a very materialistic philosophy, set of values and way of life.

We are now paying a huge price for this displacement of the spiritual as the centrepiece in our lives – to the periphery or even to nonexistence in the minds of many.

Most people have had what we might call a spiritual experience or some level of spiritual awareness in their life, but it just doesn’t fit in with a very materialistic perspective so it’s either forgotten about or set aside or placed far in the background.

Duncan’s mission now is to help correct this imbalance – this fatal omission. And he uses the word fatal because that is often the result of the partial or complete omission of the spiritual dimension in individual lives and in our culture.
When we ask the question - what is it root cause of many of the critical issues facing our civilization – climate change – drug overdose deaths – widespread mental health crisis – increasing chronic health issues etc. The root cause comes back to the omission of the spiritual dimension.

And the solutions point in the same direction – towards inclusion of the spiritual dimension – spiritual practices individually and collectively – spiritual healing and spiritual geniusing. Spiritual healing – to accelerate the “unlearning” – the “deconditioning” that separates us from your true selves – our true nature – and conditioning us back into our true essence as spiritual humans. And it is in spiritual geniusing that we will find the solutions – the inspiration, resources and will to re-create our lives our cultures our societies to be in harmony with the universe – to be in harmony with true nature. To realize abundance on all levels.

This is a “coming out time” for many who have lived in the closet spiritually, not knowing how to express and integrate their true spiritual nature in a full and complete way of life. It’s certainly true for many “heart centred entrepreneurs” who are trying to earn a living online based on what they’ve been taught. And what they have been taught is based on a very materialistic perspective which has come out of Madison Avenue and penetrates most of the teachings today about how to be successful in business. This no longer fits for people whose spiritual awareness and spiritual emergence is growing. New ways of living, new ways of doing business, new ways of educating and governing and doing justice are on the horizon and approaching quickly.

As a critical mass of spiritually aware people have the courage to fully live their truth we will then see the leavening influence of deep spiritual love, intelligence and power re-borning our lives and our world.

It is Duncan’s passion to do everything he can to assist in the evolution of this process.  He is launching a weekly "Experience Spiritual Healing" event, along with online courses and classes dedicated to health, healing, geniusing and inner awakening to our superhuman potential.

He’s a sports enthusiast skier, pilot, fisherman, ballplayer, singer and musician. He has 2 married sons and daughters-in-law, four active grandchildren and lovely wife Marilee. And Tika - superdog.

Marilee Goheen

Marilee is a skilled, caring, dedicated professional who incorporates intuition, creativity, wisdom and a great deal of global concern into her life’s work.

She is a certified Pranic Healer, Senior Pranic Healing instructor and Holodynamic Consultant

Her passion is to help people find their authentic path and transform their life through inner wisdom and creativity. She facilitates balance of the energy bodies.

An experienced counselor with Meridian Holistic Health, Victoria Pain Clinic, trainer for BC Crisis Line and clinical instructor in Pranic Healing clinics.

  • She is an Institute of Inner Studies Manila, Philippines Certified Pranic Healer and Teacher.
  • She has trained Pranic Healing therapists.
  • She is certified by the International Academy of Holodynamics.
  • She was CEO and director of numerous companies and nonprofit organizations.
  • She also led charities doing local and global humanitarian poverty alleviation projects.

Advanced Education includes Health Care Administration, Public Administration & Business Administration.

  • Taught college courses in counseling & business.
  • Worked with diverse corporations as a consultant.
  • Economic Development Chair & Executive of SPARC; Social Planning & Research Council of B.C.
  • Managed corporations in construction and health care.

She is the recipient of:

  • BC Health Care Administrators Award for Scholarship and Leadership.

She lives in the Okanagan with her husband and pup Tika