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Sleeping Better Naturally Quick Transformation Version

A Proven Step By Step Method on Exactly How to Get the Essential Sleep You Need for Health and Success.  Regain and maintain good physical, mental and emotional health and improve your decision-making, work life, personal life, relationships, sex life and goal achievement.

You will gain access to:


Value $497

Marilee and Dr. Goheen will be present for each of these webinars. You will have the opportunity of asking questions and interacting with the class just the same as in a regular meeting room. This helps you get the information and training you need for better sleep every night.

Online live webinars start January 23, 2019. All webinars will be recorded and available 24/7.

Better Sleep Every Night

Value-  Priceless

You will get the tools, training and support you need for better sleep every night.  You will get a list of handouts, sleep logs and other materials after enrollment.

Bonus # 1 -- One On One Consultation with Marilee

Value - $500

Marilee is an advanced practitioner and trainer and has helped thousands of clients identify specific problem areas that have been holding them back (many times for years) and providing tools and practices to effectively deal with these issues. You will get one of these high value sessions with Marilee using zoom or the telephone. After you have experienced this session you will know why it's of such great value in your transformation and growth.

Bonus # 2 - Sonic Sleep Program

Value - $1,000

Many people have found the Sonic Sleep program to be helpful getting to sleep - and staying asleep every night. It can be played on any device capable of playing MP3 files (most phone, tablets, laptops etc.) This has been developed by Dr. Goheen over the past 30+ years. Many find that this program alone is worth .many times the price of the course..

Bonus # 3 - Personal Support You Need to Apply the Tools and Training

Value - $500

You get the personal support needed to apply the tools and training using email. Each week you can submit specific issues you are dealing with or request help that will be replied to personally by Marilee or Duncan.

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Sleeping Better Naturally

Get To Sleep Faster - Stay Asleep Longer - Deep Sleep for Health and Wellness



100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

There is a full money back 30 day guarantee that comes with this class.
Our purpose is helping you develop the sleep habits you need and want for the best quality of sleep and life possible.

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