Goodbye Insomnia, Poor Sleep and Foggy Brain
Hello Deep Restful Sleep, Higher Energy Days,
Happiness, Peace and Abundance.


GlobalHealthify has a Proven Step by Step Formula on Exactly How to Get  the Essential Sleep You Need for Health and Success.  Regain and maintain great physical, mental & emotional health and  improve your decision-making, work life, personal life, relationships, sex life and achieve your goals.

What’s More Important for your Good Health and Wellbeing

Healthy Diet




Stress Mastery


Sleep Mastery


They are all important – but good health, peace of mind and high performance in every area of life is possible - only with enough quality sleep

Good News Stories

Steve, a young university student had problems of stress, fatigue, lack of focus and failing grades. He told us that he had not slept even once through the night since his parent’s divorce at age 10. After going through our sleep program his sleep was restored. He was then able to study, memorize, focus, ‘ace’ exams and complete university. Soon after he landed his dream job as a computer programmer; he was excited as well with his new relaxed happier mood, a fresh new ability to make friends and then to go out on his first real date

We have a long list of good news stories in all age groups

Think About it

The quality of your awake time is dependent upon enough quality sleep time

The Quality of your Awake Time
Enough Quality Sleep Time

What People Say

I put the Sonic tracks 3,4,5 on a loop and played it over night. I have had 2 nights of completely uninterrupted sleep. Typically I wake many times a night and often wake at 4:00am and toss and turn until I get up feeling tired. I am feeling great after 2 nights of great sleep. I feel light. I am happy, have a very low stress/ concern/ worry level. My head feels clear and my ability to focus has already improved. I slept 8.5 hours each of the last 2 nights. I feel great! Thank You. -- K.B.  (using one of our proprietary tools)

 I got seriously ill about 3 months ago.  Haven't been able to get a good night's sleep since.  Now after two weeks in the program I'm sleeping soundly every night. Thanks a million.  -- DH

I have been very stressed out and depressed lately.  Not sleeping well.  Overwhelmed, always tired and low energy.  I am now sleeping much better and now able to manage much better.  Stress levels are down and depression ok now.  Thank You  -- M.B.

I Say Goodbye to Insomnia, Poor Sleep and Foggy Brain --- Hello Deep Restful Sleep, High Energy Days, Happiness, Peace and Abundance. ​

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