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GlobalHealthify uses a unique combination of harmonic overtones and meditation for healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and soul. They can be used by anyone, any place, anytime on your phone or audio device. We have a wide variety of Sonic programs available for targeting specific health issues. The Sonic programs can help cleanse, balance and energize very quickly. According to our former medical director Dr. Peter Nun M.D., the time needed to correct a health issue is reduced from several months using conventional treatment methods (including herbs and diet) to several days by working directly on the subtle energy level. Many find the programs to be an elegant, gentle, efficient way of healing and maintaining good health on all levels – naturally.

You can try our 777 GlobalHealthify for Stress Program yourself, right now, at no cost. Subscribe here to begin..

Plus, refer GlobalHealthify to someone who may benefit from our programs, using the form below, and for every 5 people you refer who also sign up for our referral program, we will give you one entry into our monthly draw for a one-on-one coaching session ($150 value) or a $75 gift card!