Sonic for Stress


Sonic for Stress Treatment can be used as often as needed.  A good routine is to schedule three treatments per week plus whenever stressful situations occur.  As stress and anxiety are at the root of most mental health issues and many physical health problems it’s important to use this program to clear stress cuased energy as quickly as possible.  As you use the program you will become more aware of the effects of stress on you mental and physical health and your response time to clear the stress energy will continue to get faster.  You will also become more aware of energy contamination from others and the need to cleanse and clear it quickly.  This is a common problem for those in the helping professions as they frequently become contaminated with the energy of those they are helping.  But it happens to everyone from time to time.

There are 5 tracks in the program.  Track 1 is an introduction to the program.  Track 2 leads you through a process to prepare for the Sonic treatment.  Track 3 is a Sonic treatment which lasts about 20 min.  Track 4 is a Sonic Treatment which embeds Pranic Healing (about 20 min)  Track 5 – is a time for integrating and assimilating the treatment energetic.  If you are unable to schedule time for all 5 tracks – take the time to listen to tracks 3 or 4 or both.  Some also find it very helpful to play track 3 and 4 in the background while working or engaged in other activities.  Some play these tracks while sleeping.

When you start using the treatment program you may find the harmonic overtones to be quite different than anything you have experienced to date.  Some take several sessions to become comfortable with the full 20 min per tracks 3 and 4.  Do whatever is comfortable for you.  After several sessions you will find that the treatments become a very welcome experience or you may find that from the outset.  You will find that the treatments cleanse and energize your mental and physical body as well as balancing and energizing your chakras.

Refer to the Suggestions and Guidelines document which you received with your program.  It provides many ways to customize the experience for optimum effect.  As with most things – the more you put into it – the more you will get out of it.  It’s most important to schedule your treatments in advance and take them as seriously as you would an in person appointment with your doctor, counsellor or therapist.