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Pranic Healing

“Be Consciously Aware of What You Already Know – Deep Down, And the skillfully apply this knowing (or knowledge) About Love, Life, Healing and Your Creative Power
For an Abundant Life and Service on All Levels”

Most people have an intuitive sense that there is an invisible realm
– some have a strong sense of it and want to learn more about it. This
is part of the “deep down knowing” that we all have – which one poet
described as ” lies half dawning in our consciousness”.

Healing is a great mystery – and a great miracle. We know the body
knows how to heal itself – just cut your finger and watch the healing
miracle take place. The body and soul know how to grow and how to
heal. If we cut our finger and the cut is filled with dirt – we must
cleanse it first to enable the healing to take place most efficiently.

So it is on a mental and emotional level – sometimes the wound becomes
contaminated and must be cleaned up to enable the healing to progress.
What we are offering are dramatically better ways of healing – for the
healee and the healer. This would apply to 99.9% of the population.