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...Even if you face stressful situations every day

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Marilee & Dr. Duncan Goheen

From Marilee and Dr. Duncan Goheen, Kelowna, BC Canada


Dear Friend,

Many have found the Sonic Pranic Energy Treatment program for Mastering Sleep Naturally one of the most important breakthroughs and improvements in their lifetime.

We are excited to make this available for the first time as a FairPay program.  This allows everyone - regardless of ability to pay - to access this program for better health. Read more about this below.


Exactly What You're Getting

This is the online version of the Sonic Pranic Energy Treatment program for Sleeping Better Naturally - available online 24/7.  It's a monthly subscription which you can renew as often as you like - or cancel anytime.  You can use this for better sleep every night.

As a subscriber you can use this program as often as you like, anytime, anyplace.

The sonic program helps cleanse and balance your energy field and focuses on balancing those areas most relevant for good sleep.

You may have tried pills, drugs or other medications and found that they don't work over the long term -- or that the side effects are damaging to your health and life.  We are pleased to offer an alternative that works -- with no negative side effects.

This is different than anything you may have tried in the past and it does work when you follow the routine -- just take the steps.

Everything in the program has been tested and proven and is working right now.

If you are having difficulties in your life - sleep loss may be the cause of many issues whether it's health issues, problems with relationships, parenting, money troubles, problems at work, depression, getting work done, or not enjoying life.  Quite often sleep loss has been present for so long that it's not seen as a major problem - even when it's the root of many  issues noted above.

It's often not until you start experiencing more joy, peace and happiness that you begin to realize how much sleep loss was robbing your life of these things


And It's About MORE Than Mastering Sleep Naturally

You will find that your performance levels improve -- whether it's at work or athletics - or intimate relations.  Sleep loss always diminishes performance.  Mastering Sleep Naturally always improves performance and quality of life.

Here's a fraction of what you're getting...  Use the Sonic Pranic Treatment Program To:

Get To Sleep Faster

Stay Sleeping Longer

Get Back to Sleep quicker if you wake up during the night

Wake Refreshed and energized in the morning looking forward to your day

Improve your productivity or creativity (especially when you know that sleep loss is harming your productivity and creativity)

Reduce or replace pills and self medication that you know are harmful to you and to those around you (consult with you doctor for any changes in prescriptions)

Improve your mood and to say goodbye to grouchiness, confusion and overwhelm.

Improve your relationships when you know that sleep loss is wrecking your relationships at home, school or work.

Improve your health if sleep loss is making you sick -- or keeping you sick -- or slowing down your healing. Sleep loss dramatically impacts your immune system increasing vulnerability to sickness and disease and retards healing.

And much, much, more! 

FairPay -- How It Works

We want to make our programs available to everyone -- regardless of ability to pay.  FairPay puts you the subscriber in the driver's seat when it comes to pricing.  In this case you decide what the monthly subscription price will be (minimum $4.97).  Then every month - based on the value received and your ability to pay - you are given an opportunity to pay an additional amount and that additional amount is completely up to you.  It can be a different amount every month if you wish.  Or it can be the same amount every month - it's up to you.

We know that if you use the program as suggested -- you will love it and will receive great value from it.  The long term sustainability of the system relies on those who get high value from the program and have the ability to pay -- with the additional payments help offset those who do not have the ability to make additional payments - even though they are receiving very high value.


We hope that we are able to make all our programs available with this system of payment.  It gives you the benefit of deciding how much you are going to pay based on your experience and benefit received.  Please let us know how this works for you.


I put tracks 3,4,5 of the Sonic Pranic Sleep program on a loop and played it over night. I have had 2 nights of completely uninterrupted sleep. Typically I wake many times a night and often wake at 4:00am and toss and turn until I get up feeling tired. I am feeling great after 2 nights of great sleep. I feel light. I am happy, have a very low stress/ concern/ worry level. My head feels clear and my ability to focus has already improved. I was concerned that leaving track 5 in with Duncan speaking would wake me up but it has not. I slept 8.5 hours each of the last 2 nights. I feel great! Thank you.

Kameen, BC


I am now getting my core sleep every night. It's been many years since that has happened. Thank you so much for the Sonic Pranic Program for Sleeping Better Naturally.

D , Penn.


I am using the Sonic Program for Sleep and am now sleeping right through the night. I haven't done that since I was a kid.

JL, Victoria


Lots more testimonials available ................

Scientific Evidence of Impact of Sonic Pranic Energy Treatment

This video shows the results of a 50 minute Sonic Pranic Treatment on the physical, mental and emotional levels of a person using sophisticated light photon capturing equipment. The results are dramatic. Over the past decades Dr. Goheen has developed Sonic Treatment protocols for a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional health issues. These treatments are now available in MP3 format and can be used any time they are needed. Many cases studies are on file attesting to the effectiveness of the Sonic Treatments.

Do You Know What You Will Really Love?

When you have this subscription. It's available to use anytime that you want to use it.

And it's not like going for a professional treatment and having to pay for each additional treatment. As long as you have the subscription - you can get as many treatments as you want - no additional cost. You will find it's a great value.


Here's What To Do Next

You can use the program as often as you wish -- and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

As soon as you place your order, you'll get an automated receipt along with a link and instructions to access the program immediately. It's a simple, easy process.

You can start using the program immediately. There's some suggestions included on how to use the program to get the best results. The benefits will surprise and perhaps amaze you.

We encourage you to share your successes with us and how the program has helped you master stress naturally.

Oh, and in case you're wondering ...

There Is No Catch!

You Get online access to Sonic Pranic for Mastering Stress Naturall upon registration. This is a full energy treatment program. There is no limit to the number of treatments you can get as long as you maintain your subscription.

Why Do We Do This?

We know that the value far exceeds the price.

For people that use the program once a day - the cost per treatment is pennies a day. A fraction of the cost of other treatments - and very effective.

We want as many people using these programs as possible so we've set the price at a level that everyone can afford.

We are using the FairPay system where clients are given the opportunity to pay according the value received from the programs. So the base subscription price is whatever you choose and each month you will be given the opportunity of paying an additional amount according the value received. This is strictly voluntary and is 100% up to you to decide the value you have received over the past 30 days. This takes into account each persons capacity to pay -- as each member has a different financial situation.

Another reason we have set the price so low is that we have additional Sonic programs such as Sonic Pranic for Sleep, Sonic for Headaches and Migraines etc. We know that when you use Sonic Pranic treatment to Master Stress and Anxiety you will love it. And if you have additional needs you will want to check out what else we have available including our courses and treatment programs.

Our hope is that you'll love our programs and this will be the start of a good relationship for years to come.

Why Should You Start Now?

If you don't start to take steps to Master Sleep Naturally now - the odds are that the impact of your sleep loss may get worse - and manifest in physical, mental or emotional health problems. Now is the time to get started and start enjoying the many benefits from Mastering Sleep Naturally.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


Marilee and Dr. Duncan Goheen

P.S. In case you're one of those people who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

1. We are offering you a monthly subscription for the Sonic Pranic Energy Treatment Program to Master Sleep Naturally that you can use as often as you like, anyplace, anytime on your phone, tablet or computer. This has been developed over the past 30 years and is unique in it's capacity to quickly cleanse, balance and energize your energy centers and energy field along with many other benefits noted above.

2. All this for very low cost. There is no catch to this offer -- your subscription gives you unlimited access to this powerful program to Master Sleep Naturally.

and get your Sonic Pranic Energy Treatment for Mastering Sleep Naturally now.


You will be happy you did.

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