Intuition ebook - by Marilee McLean Goheen

It is my honor to share how I use my intuition in daily life, in relationships with others, with clients in my therapy practice, and when writing or teaching.

I have found through the decades that Highly Sensitive People or Empaths can often feel others stresses

  1. They can sense a person’s emotions, mood, or read thoughts but view them as separate from themself.

  2. Some feel others emotions as intensely as if they are their own, which causes confusion

  3. Some feel emotions, pain, or thoughts of another person as if they were their own and believe they are their own.

  4. Some read psychic energy, intentions, or thoughts that have been left in an empty room

Some can be trained to use their intuition to read a person or location

  I begin by teaching advanced therapists, and students to learn How the Brain and Nervous systems function when under Threat when engaged in creativity, and when Relaxed.

Once we understand how your thinking affects your feelings, which affects your physiology, immune sytem, organs, and health. I teach how to Learn to turn the chronic stress or hypervigilance patterns around into their natural, relaxed rhythmic balance.

Learn Skills To Return to Your Natural Relaxed State (This Enables Access To Your Full Potential) and Discover how to move out of Trauma, becoming defensive tensing against life itself, defending ourselves we can often become over controlling. We can’t learn when we are over controlling nor can we access our intuition or our wiser intuitive mind because we are still in a level of  Fight Flight Freeze Patterns.

I teach what can be done when Rick recognize yourself moving into over controlling. When we over control, we project onto others, we get angry and we feel separate even from those we love. I teach tech techniques where we can pause and take deep breaths feel the moment bring intention into the present and let go.

Once we learn to shift out of fear or fight flight freeze we can accept that everything around us is constantly changing in her outer world while still holding the the truth that love and our awareness are what is changeless. This itself can help soften our resistance and pushing in life. The cognitive behaviour therapy helps us understand that we can let go that we must let go and how to let go further.

Letting go and relaxing are essential to soften our resistance and to then be able to experience a greater sense of peace, maintain it for longer periods, and reestablish it if it gets disturbed.

Once we are able to let go we can allow your regained natural relaxed state to expand and to breathe new balance into your moods, thoughts, and feelings. Then we can gain an ability to focus, to direct our thoughts thoughts to constructive, kind, and hopeful solutions. The answers to all our personal and community and planetary problems are all within our intuitive mind

we will Increase your Health and Immune System by removing stress from the brains, heart, kidneys, liver, muscles, and nervous systems then learn to speak to them directly to find out their challenges, how they’re feeling, what they want, and how to assist them in understanding their whole system. Once that is attained then new harmonies new vibrations new levels of health can be established and maintained.

I am pleased to offer strategies to create hope and vision for your new abilities to create a more balanced life and learn from deeper human dimensions

learn to create happiness for yourself every day then provide supportive positivity for your loved ones, colleagues, and the larger whole.

learn to use new inner knowledge and skill to rise above the daily stresses to balance and to give your highest gifts to the world

change your happiness level, learn to better support yourself, family, and colleagues

okay I encourage dreaming visioning imagination spiritual practice magical thinking and being in nature to help further open our natural intuitive abilities. We examine denial and other stages our ego engages in.

We also cover the collective anxiety that we are experiencing with the global pandemic, with the global climate change, with the changing economic and political landscape, our families dynamics, our own insecurities and vulnerabilities. In facing uncertainties we learn to relax into vulnerability.

Courage is the ability to feel the fear and do it anyway to accept that we live in an uncertain world and defined daily habits and rituals to help calm and return to feelings of peace by letting go and trusting.

We will now use a questionnaire for your benefit to understand better your stress level your current skill level in managing your inner world in order to open further to your intuitive mind.