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The “Immune-Boost” video is the first of several steps of an advanced immune boosting protocol.  The   healing system works through directed vibration on the physical, mental and emotional levels to boost and maintain an improved stronger healthier immune system.

This protocol uses subtle energy  to help clean, balance and energize relevant organs, glands, bone marrow, thymus, blood purification and lymphatic system to improve the function of the entire complex immune system.

This healing technology also works on the mental and emotional levels where science documents that fear and stress can shut down or retard our immune system. The advanced immune-boost protocol helps remove the energetic impact of fear and stress so you will also feel more re-energized and relaxed.

Your best defense against major attacks on your wellness by the Corona Virus - and other harmful infections - is a strong healthy immune system. This Immune-Boost program enhances your health.

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