What Does Your Spiritual Path and Practice Have To Do With Robust Mental Health, Sound Sleep and High Performance?

Especially during times of adversity and when creativity, abundant energy and high productivity are required.



What people say about it

Dr. Duncan Goheen
Dr. Duncan Goheen

(After sessions using the Sonic Pranic Program for Stress)  “When I was finished I felt transformed, although I can't say how exactly. I feel like I've connected with a part of myself that I had become separated from-and I feel whole again. It was a transformative experience, although I can't articulate how exactly. It's almost like not knowing you're unwell, and then being healed and upon being healed finally realizing just how bad it was and how lacking in awareness you were of how unwell you were. That's the closest description I can think of.”

B.D. Edmonton, Alberta

Patricia, Toronto

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